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A Secret Garden

I have never in my life seen gardens like these on a private estate. They wrapped around the entire property and extended well past the back. In the front is a well with a rose bush growing beside it like a fairytale. And each area was designed in different ways to best compliment the natural curvature of the hills. Even in March, the trees and flowers were all in bloom with shades of green we haven’t seen since September. Ponds and courtyards decked out this multi-level gardener’s paradise. To get to the lower gardens you had two choices. The first, on the right side, was a narrow stairway that lead to a tunnel. I assume it was at one point a servant access point. The second, on the left, was a twisted but large stairway that tells its age with the small stalactites growing from the ceiling as a result of the quintessential rainy British weather. And once down into the lower gardens, the trails lead you around the perimeter of Eltham Palace. In a secluded part of the gardens, tucked away in a semicircular shrub, was an adorable private seating area that I could imagine hiding away in alone or with a lover. I never wanted to leave that garden. 


Photo Credit: Grace Retz

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