The Coffee Tour of London

Some would call it an addiction, I call it a passion! We didn’t plan to go on a Coffee Tour of London, it just happened! On each of the eight days that we were visiting, we got some sort of coffee from at least one new place.  In total, we ended up getting at least 20 different variations of coffee/espresso at 16 different places throughout the city.


That’s not too bad, is it?


We didn't write about every single one, but if you are thinking about visiting London and are as passionate about coffee as we are, we have some reviews, recommendations and experiences to share with you!

-Lauren Jan

Four Most-Reviewed

Ibis Shoreditch Hotel

Sky Garden


"My first cup across the pond was naturally, a cappuccino from the hotel dining area because by the time we got to our hotel after getting off the plane, the caffeine withdrawal headache was in full affect. A nice hot mug full was just the welcome I had been hoping for when I touched down in England."

— Excerpt from Kelly Schwager's blog “Addicted to the Bean: A Coffee Tour of London”

Costa Coffee

(Heathrow Airport)

"We didn’t waste any time. We got off the plane at Heathrow Airport, picked up our bags from baggage claim, went through customs and immigration, and then were given ten minutes to use the restroom or get food/refreshments. Right when we were allowed to scatter, Bianca and I headed straight to Costa Coffee! If you visit London, you will notice this place everywhere! It is a very popular chain that has a whole host of drink options including Espressos, Americanos, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Cortados, and Flat Whites. They also have a massive variety of food items available that, as an avid café visitor, I have never seen at home or in any of my travels!


In the seven minutes that I was in line and waiting on my order, I heard locals getting their usual orders of Stem Ginger Biscuits, and saw tourists hesitantly trying Portuguese Custard Tarts and Millionaire’s Shortbread. From what I observed, everyone seemed pleased with their choices! I personally kept it safe, ordering a black coffee with almond milk and a croissant to settle my upset stomach. Not only was I happy with my choices, but the people that worked there were nothing but enthusiastic, friendly and helpful! Although this wasn’t my favorite place to visit, I would definitely suggest that you visit it while in London and push yourself out of your comfort zone!"


-Lauren Jan


Photo courtesy of Kelly Schwager

“The next morning, with the most incredible view of the city from 35 stories in the air, I slowly sipped on my second cappuccino of the day. Only this time, I didn’t have to stare at the interior wall of a hotel lobby or a bedroom while I did so. I was able to order my coffee as I looked on for miles and miles up and down the Thames River. “Happiness is a hot drink and this view.” That’s what my cup said. How cute is that?!”


Excerpt from Kelly Schwager’s blog: “Addicted to the Bean: A Coffee Tour of London”


Photo courtesy of Kelly Schwager

WHOA Coffee

"The best coffee I had while in London was a cappuccino from WHOA coffee. The balance between the froth and the espresso was perfect and it was topped with a heavenly cocoa powder that was to die for. Not only that, but it was £1.5! This was the cheapest coffee that we got in London and it was totally by chance!

We were adventuring around the city and a wave of tiredness had just overcome us. Just as we started talking about needing to take a break, we looked across the street and saw this small white box of a café. The mixture of the incredible espresso with the unbeatable prices made the whole experience unforgettable"

-Lauren Jan


Photo courtesy of Bianca Santos


Photo courtesy of Lauren Jan

Nine Shops to Stop At

Eltham Palace Café
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Peggy Porschen Cakes
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Last Word Coffee Shop
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Brompton Food Market
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Caffeine London
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Oat Milk Café
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Black Sheep Coffee
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Photo Gallery Credits (from left to right, top to bottom) 1. Lauren Jan 2. Kelly Schwager 3. Kelly Schwager 4-9. Lauren Jan

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