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There is so much culture surrounding this city and its so admirable. You would think that America is the only place for diversity but that is not true. London is filled with different walks of life, and not once have I encountered a bad soul.


Everyone’s energy here has really been a catalyst to the experience as a whole. Today though, I believe I really had a beautiful insight into the culture of London. Going to the exchange of the guards at the royal palace was a breathtaking experience. I haven’t seen something quite like it before.

It made me think of all the other different cultures I have not tapped into yet. Which made me quite emotional. We have this whole world to explore with such little time, yet people are so hesitant to the idea of traveling as it creates problems to someone’s wallet. I sat there thinking “how did I get so lucky?” But, really when I truly started to think deeper, it was more so a “why didn't I start traveling the world earlier?” We need to see what other cultures are like in this world as I do believe it creates a deeper character for ourselves.


Today definitely made me realize that.

- Bianca Santos

China Town
Bird Man
Buckingham Palace
The Tube



by Aika San Diego



We were walking around and sort of wandering when stumbled upon the Nomadic Community Gardens and I absolutely… fell… in…LOVE! I have always been so into the aesthetic of street art and graffiti and this place was full of it. Every inch screamed creativity and self-expression. Where ever you looked was a new piece of art with a different meaning. I could have spent the entire day analyzing all the different works of art from different people and being inspired by the beauty of it all.


The graffiti wasn’t the only thing that made the space so interesting, also the collection of different objects in the space, the people that made it, and most importantly the reasons behind it. People made this space a garden, but by doing so they made a space to create a sense of community. A space where people of all different backgrounds can come grow food and just be together.


It is called the nomadic garden because everything in the garden can be moved, it is not permanent. They had a library of books that people are allowed to add to or take from at their leisure. They also host events at this place and again, allow people to gather as a community and support this idea.

-Victoria Doda

Nomadic Community Gardens
Nomadic Community Gardens
Nomadic Community Gardens
Nomadic Community Gardens
Nomadic Community Gardens

Then and Now in London:

The Arts & Crafts Movement

by Hailey Guit