Where We Went

Follow our Footsteps! 

In London, we traveled to many new and exciting places (see Itinerary for further detail). Below, you can our class "creative map" in which we describe the places that we went during our trip. 

Click on the black pins to view locations that we went to as a class. Click on any of the multicolored pins to view individual locations and personal responses to places that we visited throughout the week. As you click on them, notice that little blurbs of text pop up. The blurbs of text on the multicolored pins are personal accounts of an experience at that particular location, while the blurbs on the black pins are more general accounts.

  • Click on the pins below to see photos, insights, and even a bit of poetry from our students as they explore London.

  • Click and hold to drag to different areas of London and find new places.

  • Zoom to get a closer, street level view of where we were. 

Page by Ralph Black and Sarah Goranson 

Photos taken by Sarah Goranson