Indoors and Out

The idea that gardens are exclusive to being plants is something that London seems to ignore. 

In London, you can find garden and floral patterns indoors. 

When walking down the street, remember to look up and around. This garden ornamentation is  attached to lamp posts. It guides you down the street to sidewalk markets that sell food, clothing, and plants.  

You can find this lamp post ornament 

along Brick Lane. 

When thinking about up, why not go up?  Atop 20 Fenchurch Street is the Sky Garden.  An immersive green space 30+ floors up. While trying to figure out what place to stop an eat, you can walk along the garden and enjoy the sights of the city. Looking out those windows lets you see everything from the Thames river to the Shard and Gherkin buildings.  

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Another amazing place to feel the influence of garden and floral patterns is in the Virginia and Albert Museum. Walking through the Great Hall and into many galleries, you can find art and design objects covered in flower motifs. There is even a hall full of cast iron examples. Down the Iron Work hall is gates and keys that have a feeling of delicacy with leaves and vines.  

In addition to these beautiful places, you can learn about a personal experience, design influence, and history in context of the time created for several other interesting pieces by clicking on the button below.