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  • Ralph Black

The People of London

Updated: May 8, 2019

As we were leaving London, we sat destitute on the bus, unable to handle that the journey was finally over. But it was not over.

Just outside the window, an entire culture unraveled before us, masquerading as blue flags with yellow stars and clamoring people shouting their support or disdain for their country.

The vision was enough to bring tears to my eyes, because it was an amalgamation of all that I had seen and felt regarding the people of London.

Here were the funny, honest waitresses. Here were the goofy tour guides who took such passion in their work. Here were the brazen folk that would tell you how they really felt without making you feel bad for your opinions. Here were the lost, homeless, and forgotten. Here then, were the People of London.

Cover and Blog Photo courtesy of: Victoria Doda

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