The Real Crown Jewels


Looking at the city from up here is so much more relaxing in comparison to the bustling atmosphere below. Not that it isn’t crowded here as well, but there seems to be a rhythm here, as opposed to the chaos on Westminster Bridge and near the London Eye. 

From up here the sunlight beaming across the newer glass buildings become beautiful jewels; reminiscent of the crown jewels I hope to see later. But, even from up here, looking down on the city, I can spot green. Even in a major city like London, you can find secret gardens, greenery, and parks, even on the rooftops. 

I’m sure during the infamous grey days, the Sky Garden becomes an oasis for many different families, friends, couples, and a few tourists as well. 

If you are not a fan of heights, or you’d rather be down in the thick of the city, there is another option. Along a stretch of crafty shops there is a flower market beyond compare. It only appears on Sundays, rain or shine or, in today’s case, hail. 

There was a riot of color that could not be ignored. In this pop-up garden, everything could be given a warm home. Just appreciating all of the sights and scents is enough to rejuvenate a person. 

Looking back on today, I’d say the real jewels of London is the greenery in this city. It has a way of lightening your day and your heart. 

Photo Credit: Grace Retz

Top: London rooftops

Bottom: inside of Sky Garden